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by Beaverkill
Fri Mar 01, 2013 10:58 pm
Forum: The Bar Stool
Topic: Larry Koller
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Re: Larry Koller

One of my favorite hunting books is Kollers Shots at Whitetails... It is filled with hunting stories from the 40s-60s, All based in the Catskills.. His writing always brings me back to my my Catskill deer woods... I need to pick up one of his fishing books..
by Beaverkill
Thu Feb 28, 2013 5:52 pm
Forum: The Bar Stool
Topic: Anglers Reunion & Two Headed Trout Dinners
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Anglers Reunion & Two Headed Trout Dinners

It is coming up... So who is attending each event?

I will be up both weekends and may attend both dinners but haven't fully committed. Just was checking to see who was planning on attending either...

Will squeeze some fishing in as well on both weekends..
by Beaverkill
Thu Feb 28, 2013 12:34 pm
Forum: The Bar Stool
Topic: SGM Fest report
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Re: SGM Fest report

Sorry it took a few days to respond but the event was once again a big success. I have talked to almost everyone who attended the event and this is becoming some of the tyers favorite... We had about 110 people thru the door and over 60 tyers...A big THANK YOU to Joe Fox and Catskill John for all th...
by Beaverkill
Tue Feb 19, 2013 2:13 pm
Forum: The Bar Stool
Topic: SGM Fest 2013
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Re: SGM Fest 2013

Less than a week away... This one is looking to be our best turnout yet...Should be fun... If you have an extra power strip or extension cord, please bring it. Look forward to seeing everyone this Sunday. Dan
by Beaverkill
Tue Feb 05, 2013 1:19 pm
Forum: The Dry Fly
Topic: The dry flies of John Atherton
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Re: The dry flies of John Atherton

CJ...I enjoyed your article on Atherton in the Guild newsletter..... I always thought Caucci's Spectrumized Dubbing was somehow based on Atherton's dubbing... I DO Not know and cant remember if he ever gave him credit or if it was just coincidence.. Am I completely off here?

BTW...Excellent ties!
by Beaverkill
Mon Apr 30, 2012 4:42 pm
Forum: The Bar Stool
Topic: March Brown watch
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Re: March Brown watch

I saw them on the Lower Beaverkill this past Saturday...Did not see them on the Upper East yesterday...Fish were more interested in caddis though...See what happens this week with the warm temps...
by Beaverkill
Tue Apr 17, 2012 1:03 pm
Forum: The Bar Stool
Topic: Happy Birthday CJ
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Re: Happy Birthday CJ

Hope your B-day was full of rising fish and wet nets... Happy birthday John!
by Beaverkill
Sun Apr 15, 2012 11:15 pm
Forum: The Bar Stool
Topic: SGM report
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Re: SGM report

Tim and Joan Flagler of Tightlines Productions put together a video summary of this years SGM Fly Fest...This is the same production that bring us those excellent Fly Tying Vids featuring Matt Grobert...


Thanks again to everyone who participated...
by Beaverkill
Mon Apr 02, 2012 10:24 am
Forum: The Bar Stool
Topic: Season opener April 1 2012
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Re: Season opener April 1 2012

I was pissed I missed it but had Daddy Duty this weekend...So while my friends were celebrating the opener and hitting the rivers... I was at an easter egg hunt watching aggressive parents filling the baskets for their 2 year olds... The entire time I was thinking, "I can be on the East Branch right...
by Beaverkill
Fri Mar 23, 2012 10:38 am
Forum: The Mighty Trout
Topic: Early Hatches...
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Early Hatches...

Fishing has been excellent the last few weeks in Jersey.. The last week, the fishing exploded...Tons of rising fish.. Good hatches of Caddis, Stones and Gordons...I thought I even saw a couple of Hendricksons yesterday but cant confirm...It is fishing like Mid May...Which is very concerning...Need w...