Need rain

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Need rain

Post by Eperous »

We need rain, at least on the Esopus Creek watershed and upper Neversink... we got a little Saturday, but streams are shrinking and getting warmer... not only that, Friday while I struggled on the upper low, clear yet chilly upper Neversink where I came upon numerous fishless pools with bird excrement on many creekside rocks... I also encountered many mergansers which could be causing these problems....

WBN-bird excrement.JPG
WBN-bird excrement.JPG (120.48 KiB) Viewed 754 times

I also watched a bald eagle circle overhead and managed a nice brook trout, almost a foot long, both of which made my day....

WBN-Stimulator brookie.JPG
WBN-Stimulator brookie.JPG (108.78 KiB) Viewed 754 times


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Re: Need rain

Post by Theroe »

VERY nice brookie, Ed....
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Re: Need rain

Post by JoeCz »

Beautiful fish, Ed!

I fished the Willowemoc early Saturday (before the rain) and Sunday. Flows were up a bit without being dirty and fishing was so much easier on Sunday. It's amazing what a boost a shot of water will give to a system.

I try not to get mad at the birds—certainly not at the eagles or ospreys, which I never saw growing up and which have made a terrific comeback after DDT—but I had a large group of young mergansers (I stopped counting after a dozen) scoot right across a pool I was fishing over the weekend and boy did that shut the dry-fly fishing right down.

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Re: Need rain

Post by Caneghost »

I recently encountered one adult Merganser with 24 young in file. I didn't expect them to be quite that prolific. Canada geese often have a dozen to the pair, but two dozen?

Beaverkill flirted with 80 yesterday per the Cook's Falls gage and the lower gage on the Upper East Branch registered between 70 and 71. Keeps getting hotter and even the thunderstorms seem to bypass the rivers. The West Branch is a zoo. Covid, what Covid, lets all fish in one another's pocket!

Last weekends rain was a help, but a very brief help. Where are those 35-40 degree June nights when we really need them?
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