New regulations in region 3

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Re: New regulations in region 3

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The proposed regs and management plan is on the DEC website and there is a short window for comment. I believe it ends on January 15th. I already sent in mine. The good news for the Delaware is reduced creel limit and elimination of stocking in the East Branch tailwater. The bad news is they kept the open season provisions instead of protecting the tributaries.

The changes are slated to go into effect April 1, 2021.
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Re: New regulations in region 3

Post by HookI »

I read a few hundred of them last night a lot of valid points. A few I knew of and most I didn’t. I also submitted one a while back as a new resident I felt obligated to voice myself. Hope it’s all for the best of the sport because that’s what it is to me ....not a business .
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Re: New regulations in region 3

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I sent mine last summer. I opposed everything but reduced creel limits. The fishery is fine the way it is and I don't think it needs new regulations to "fix" it. I support the 700+ adult fish the East Branch was stocked with since 14" to 16" fish are a big and important jump start to making 20-inchers. How many stream-bred trout do you think make it to trophy size, and how log do you think that takes? The amount of trout predators in the East Branch is unbelievable and I see more and more anglers keeping fish. There are mergansers, eagles, ospreys, herons, mink and otters. The mergansers have increased in number with each passing year, and do a real number on the fingerling trout. And every female has at least nine young! In 2019 an otter family of three moved into one of the pools I fish that held a good population of nice-size trout. Last year I couldn't buy a trout there. Anyone who says stocked trout don't live long doesn't know what he's talking about. Ask guide Ken Tutalo if you don't believe me. In my opinion, the stocked trout supplement the natural population and make up for fish harvested or lost to predators. It's worked well all these years and I'd like to see it continued.

I believe it's a mistake to think of and manage the entire Delaware system under one set of regulations as the rivers are all different. For example, the West Branch has a steady migration of trout running up from the main stem because of its substantial cold water releases. Besides that, it receives stocked trout that drop down from Oquaga Creek. Its trout and insect populations are better than the other branches. On the other hand, the lower East Branch heats up during the summer creating a thermal barrier to trout movement. The main stem receives tons of stocked trout that drop down the many New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York rivers...they're not all wild as some believe. Acclimated to their wild environment would be a better way to put it. Cases in point are the tiger trout that were being caught after the Asbury Hatchery dam washed out several years back and the Palamino trout that come from Pennsylvania stockings. Have you ever noticed the wide variety in the way the fish are marked? I've caught silver bows with no spots; bows vividly marked with bright colors, profusely spotted ones and even some showing red cutt-bow slashes!

The references the state is using to support their regulation changes is somewhat laughable. Among them, twenty some-odd native brook trout streams in the mountains of Pennsylvania? A study done on a stream in Europe? Nothing like the rivers in the Delaware system.

Just my opinion.

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Re: New regulations in region 3

Post by Brookie »

I am also very disappointed in this catch and release during spawning months. On top of that why in this day and age is there not a barbless hook only regulation added to the catch and release regs. So does this mean an angler can use barbed treble hooks to catch and release? Ridiculous, I don't think it was anglers who proposed these new regs. Typical NYS looking to get more money.

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