Fly Tying Show Saturday

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Fly Tying Show Saturday

Post by catskilljohn »

Just got back from the show today, this year seemed better than the previous few I have attended. Got in early and set up at the Guilds table, Allan and I had a great time trading materials and flies, He was banging out wet flies and I tyed Cinbergs. We recruited a bunch of new members, resigned a few more and sold some DVD's. I really enjoyed myself.

Got to meet Bob and greyfox for the first time, it was a pleasure finally shaking hands and talking to you guys!

Charlie's booth was packed all morning, he was loaded up with cree this year and his dun's were beautiful. I had a nice talk with him before the show opened and he said while this years flock was great, next year is looking fantastic! After listening to him for a while, I was shocked to think of how hard it is to run a chicken farm and the work required. There is so much that can go wrong, its amazing he produces the quality he does, and I am so thankful for the excellent product he offers. I asked him about some Chinchilla capes and he said they are in such low demand, he dyed them all. He did however point me toward the barred cream's he had ;)

Valla was signing books and socializing with everyone, it is always a good time with him around. He looked like a dapper tyer/angler with his sporty fishing vest that his lovely wife made for him from scratch. Looked like a bunch of guys were getting books signed, and I saw a few carrying the hardcovers around for Mike to sign.

Ted was tying salmon flies, and big ones at that! He had some really cool dressings from way back when, and showed me some interesting things. I just love hanging with him, there is so much talent under that floro-neon see-it-from-outerspace shirt :lol:

Ronbo showed up and we caught a burger at the bar. He and I walked around a little and found some materials he was looking for. Chris D was tying his gorgeous long shank masterpieces, great to see him again. He gave Ron and I a little history lesson on the Thunder Creek series flies, very cool stuff.

There was so much to see and so little time, I felt like it was over right after it started. One of the highlights for me was meeting Alberto from Italy, what a talented tyer of full dress classic flies, and what a friendly guy, it was really a pleasure.

I really enjoyed the day, great seeing everyone and catching from the past few months. Looking forward to the next one ;) CJ
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Re: Fly Tying Show Saturday

Post by Jim Slattery »

Great post CJ.
One of these days I'll get to go to that November show.
I'll have to settle for living vicariously through your post.
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Re: Fly Tying Show Saturday

Post by dennis »

:( Yea, me too Jim.

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Re: Fly Tying Show Saturday

Post by Niklas Dahlin »

Sounds like you had a great time Cj.. Next year if everything falls into place both me and Janne "The Viking" will be there joining you in the noble art of tying Catskill Style Dries :D

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Re: Fly Tying Show Saturday

Post by greyfox »

Had a good time myself, saw some people and got to meet you, Mike Valla and Ted Patlen, it was a pleasure meeting you guys. I did not get as much as I planed on but I did pick up a nice Cree from Charlie Collins and a spade package which I should have checked before I left cause there was not any dun stuff in it, oh well there's always the Jan. show.
p.s. thanks for the lesson C.J.
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Re: Fly Tying Show Saturday

Post by Eperous »

Sounds like a very nice time among a great bunch of guys... ;) Sorry I missed it... :(

Closest I came to fishing, talking fishing, or water was playing volley ball in an indoor swimming pool with a bunch of old guys, I mean older than me - and that's old... almost like a scene from the movie Grumpy Old Men.... :lol: :lol: :lol:


Re: Fly Tying Show Saturday

Post by willowhead »

"ALLmost?" :D :lol:

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Re: Fly Tying Show Saturday

Post by BruceC »

Hey Guys,
My wife Marcia lost interest in watching me tie so she grabbed the camera and took about 100 shots on sunday. They're posted on my facebook page. Here's the link to the photos: ... 1062338438

Bruce C

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Re: Fly Tying Show Saturday

Post by Alberto Calzolari »

Wonderful show, as usual, and so many nice people.
Was happy to see Mike and Valerie Valla and so glad to have met ours truly Catskill John. His smile is really warming you up. And what a tier. A good example of his superb skill is now secured in my box of collectible flies. Thank you John.

All the rest was great and Ted Patlen was as usual so generous and kind to stand me for few days.


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