Fly Tying Items Than Never Caught On.

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Fly Tying Items Than Never Caught On.

Post by Mantis »

Reed came out with a hackle trimmer to make smaller size hackle out of larger hackle. Ahh, nothing like blunt edged hackle on delicate Catskill dry flies.
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ted patlen
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Re: Fly Tying Items Than Never Caught On.

Post by ted patlen »

hackle cutters reeds.jpg
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you mean this


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Re: Fly Tying Items Than Never Caught On.

Post by mikevalla »

Yup...bought one from Reeds..used one, tossed one...

The theory was else were we going to have size 16-18 hackle.


Good one, Bob! :D
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Re: Fly Tying Items Than Never Caught On.

Post by cdcaddis18 »

This is a bit off topic but when I saw the mention of "Reed's" it brought back a lot of fond memories. I used to live in Clifton and whenever I had some extra money I'd drive up there and buy some material and talk to Mr. Reed. I bought my first rod blanks and hardware there too. Whatever happened once the Dad passed? I still remember the two sons, one was tall and a pompous guy if I ever met one and the brother wore glasses, was a bit shorter, and more congenial. Did they operate the business after the father passed and if so does anyone know for how long. Did they even fish? I used to talk to the father and the sons and could never get them to admit to fishing anywhere in NJ. Thanks in advance.

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