Small Fishing On Tribs

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Small Fishing On Tribs

Post by GaryD »

With all this high water lately, I've been going up a Schoharie Creek Trib with my trusty 2 Wt and having fun with buttery Brownies that have been running around 12" to 14" with 14"ish being the exception. #14, #16 and #18 Soft Hackles and various nymph patterns tied off the hook on a #10 Orange Stimilator has been the ticket with almost all hits on the trailing fly. Hoping the Esopus will drop back down later this week. With temps starting to drop a bit, perhaps the larger Brown Trout will start running up soon.
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Re: Small Fishing On Tribs

Post by drlogik »

That's a "small" tributary? Wow. It looks like a river compared to our "small" tribs in North Carolina's Smokies!
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Re: Small Fishing On Tribs

Post by Bamboo&Brookies »

We have had so much rain -- with more in the forecast -- that even small tribs and ankle-deep trickles have turned into brawny streams and small rivers.

After yesterday's deluge, I am honestly having trouble finding small enough water to fish... but some of these intrepid souls here are still successful, so there is hope.

I know a few trout ponds I plan to hit, they should be fishable whereas much of the moving water is not.

The trout are sure happy with all this high water and I am certain they are getting fat!

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Re: Small Fishing On Tribs

Post by catskilljohn »

Here’s that trib Gary fishes from a more elevated position, in “normal” flows. CJ
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