A call for effective Catskill flies

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A call for effective Catskill flies

Post by mikevalla »

I have a great project in the works with Stackpole, my publisher, that has a lot to do with Catskill waters.

>Do you have a great pattern(s) that you've fished in the Catskills with sustained success? A pattern that you wouldn't be without at some time or another during the fishing season. A real "go to fly."

Many have stepped forward with their own favorites, and have been assisting me. (Some from SGM).

>If you have in mind such a pattern, and would like to know more about my needs PM me here.

Thank you
Mike Valla
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Re: A call for effective Catskill flies

Post by Vance »

Mike, My go to fly for the Catskills is a Marchbrown. I make it wth deer hair wings and tail. I use deer hair from a White Tail. I use the cheek hair from its head. They are about one inch long and don’t flair like the other hair from a buck. Body tan or light tan. Hackle one grizzly and one brown. Have always had great success on the Willo and the B'kill. The other fly I use a lot is a olive/gray caddis fly. Olive gray body, deer hair for the wing from the cheeks and a dark dun hackle in the front of the fly only. Make the body larger in the rear and tapered towards the eye. Deer hair wing then hackle one size smaller the normal. Bill the mailman

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