New Fly Shop

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New Fly Shop

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Re: New Fly Shop

Post by Eperous »

Yes... both flyfishers are members of our local Trout Unlimited chapter---- Ashokan-Pepacton Watershed.... I've know Todd for years; he's a great guy and very, very capable flyfisher... that said, their newly opened shop is located next to a very fine local brewery, Woodstock Brewing also worth your stop here:


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Re: New Fly Shop

Post by GaryD »

Yes, Both owners seem like good guys with an infectious enthusiasm for fly fishing. A welcome addition to the Esopus area and a good place to stop in and hear what's happening on the water and maybe pick up some needed tippet, locally tied flies or whatever you're running out of. I haven't been to the brewery next door yet but sounds good for apre fishing.

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Re: New Fly Shop

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Just wanted to thank you all for the kind words. Shop is off to a great start. Still getting stock in and doing renovations little by little. We appreciate all the support. It's been really rewarding to hear people talk about how happy they are to finally have a dedicated shop in the area again. Please stop by and say hi when you can.

Cheers & tight lines to all,


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Re: New Fly Shop

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Wish them the best and will try to stop when i'm in the area : )

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