Seven and a half footer recommendation please...

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Re: Seven and a half footer recommendation please...

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tailwater wrote:
Sat Jul 06, 2019 4:05 pm
The price of almost all bamboo rods has tanked and that would include the Orvis rods mentioned. Just go to the Classic Fly Rod Forum where there are many pages talking about this very topic. Those Orvis rods mentioned are still nice to have.
Actually, the Orvis rods have been holding their prices pretty well, and this is discussed on the thread you reference ( ... 3&start=20). Top end rods are down slightly over the past ten years, but far from having "tanked." Middle range rods are the ones not doing so well, especially rods from contemporary makers. But the bamboo market is far from dead, and if you are buying a rod for fishing, this is really a moot point for an Orvis--they remain an excellent value.


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Re: Seven and a half footer recommendation please...

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Maybe the word tanked was the wrong choice. A very nice Orvis 7 1/2' deluxe was just offered on that site for way less than it it would have been asked for a few years ago. Many Leonard rods are way down and yes Orvis rods are always a good value. I do not buy rods so it does not matter to me. The bamboo market is not dead but not not what it once was. If you read the entire link you provided there are many ideas as to why the market is down.

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Re: Seven and a half footer recommendation please...

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if you are able to build-out your own,
Mark Steffen (Flagstaff, AZ) makes fiberglass blanks,
and his 7'3" #3/4 is about perfect for what you describe.

You can also order a built rod from him,
but that, of course, is the pricier option.

A vintage fiberglass (like a Fenwick Feralite) is always the inexpensive option,
but vintage 4wts are awfully non-existent.
If you can concede to a 5wt, then the Fenwick FF75 or the later FF755 are pretty dang nice.

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