Summer heat and stream thermometers

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Summer heat and stream thermometers

Post by Eperous »

For almost as long as I can remember, I've carried a stream thermometer with me... but rarely do I ever use it in the winter or early/late season... when the water's too cold, the trout tell me--- they don't eat my flies.... :? :(

However, I do use this instrument during summer months... I'm checking to see if our trout waters are a tad too warm to fish, without causing issues to any trout caught... with recent Catskill heat indexes pushing/breaking the 100 degree mark, best to check water temps, IMO... :| I find freestone streams get above 70 degrees and stay there, lacking cool nights... however, headwater brook trout waters--- under thick forest canopies, and Catskill tailwaters, downstream of NYC water supply dams, still often offer very good fishing through the heat of the hottest summer day...

Something to think about... ;)


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Re: Summer heat and stream thermometers

Post by northcountryman »

As hot as it as right now, I’m focusing my efforts in warm water species, bass , pickerel, etc. , gonnaleave the trout alone till it cools down

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Re: Summer heat and stream thermometers

Post by andre »

Ed, you’re obviously right about the tail waters. Will be on upper east this afternoon guiding... 62 degrees. Beaverkill and Willo are out.

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Re: Summer heat and stream thermometers

Post by blackdirtfly »

Was on the West Branch last weekend. Water was cold and caught my first wild Rainbow on a Sulpher dry.

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Re: Summer heat and stream thermometers

Post by catskilljohn »

I use mine the entire time I’m fishing. It helps locate spring seeps in the streambed and I note the locations for the next time around, as I find the bigger fish stay in the coldest sections.
This past weekend I passed up marginal temps and headed to higher ground. Morning temps in the low to mid 60’s will undoubtedly reach 70 by 4-5:00
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