who dunn it?

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the wolf88
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who dunn it?

Post by the wolf88 »

AS the world turns.. the fishermen cries...
seeing all the water rise, muddy,, fast, thunder and lighting
fishermen screams at mother nature for this trouble she giving to them
alas, best to build an ark.. counts all the ladies you can find.. gather all the beer and the food
then watch the river rise but have laughter and joy in the ark. Still got time to wax the boos' and clean lines and spun flies.
then wait for mothernature stop playing with the hose.. let be sun shine and nice warm weather for bugs to fly

this really get the blues right now... best to wait out folks

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Re: who dunn it?

Post by catskilljohn »

Awwww, wolfie, you are so poetic! Dont fret bro, pretty soon this will all turn to snow, and then you will really have some fun! CJ
"Gentlemen,remove your hats,this is it"
"This is where the trout was invented?"
"Oh he existed in a crude,primitive form in Waltons England"
"But this is where they painted spots on him and taught him to swim"

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Re: who dunn it?

Post by Ronbo »

AAAWWOOOO at least you didn't get the tornado that hit livingston manor :shock:
or was that Jeffersonville ;)
Wolfy, that poem fits just right with bad to the bone by george thurogood.
Thanks buddy :)

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Re: who dunn it?

Post by Bamboo&Brookies »

Wolfie -- Launch into verse, my man!

We should have known a great Irish soul of the Auld Sod like you would channel WB Yeats!

Good stuff.

Now stop doing that ##$%$@W@#@@!!! rain dance and let's have some dry weather for a few days.

Cast Cane, Mike C. and I almost got drown yesterday in the downpours! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Give a man a fly rod, a shotgun and a bird dog and he'll never be worth a d*mn.
-Old New England saying

cast cane
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Re: who dunn it?

Post by cast cane »

AHMEN !, Man the life boats.

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the wolf88
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Re: who dunn it?

Post by the wolf88 »

oh my!! man over board capt'n !!!! hual the life vest salior :lol: thanks folks.. sometime its natural for an Irish wolfy to do poetry stuff.. Ronbo.. nope but sure got the thunders and lighting that day.. ya Mike C.. cane.. better wear rain coats and life vest!!!! :lol: yeah Rob.. I didnt do da rain dance in month! :o

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