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Re: Country living

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Actually, CJ, I enjoy knowing the big bears are here, but I have no desire to see one in the neighborhood. We've gotten as close as 20' from grizzlies in the park when we've been in the car, and we know from tracks and damage that they have been within 50' of the door here at the cabin. We've had moose and elk literally on the door step, and them are very big (and potentially dangerous) critters too. Living in the wild is nice, but living in the wild with idiots (who hang fresh meat from a tree) as neighbors is not nice.

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Re: Country living

Post by Bud »

>>I cleaned about 15 pounds of pine nuts out of the shed when we got here this spring, and there's at least that much still in there.<<


Pine nuts are going for $29.99 a pound at Nuts Online (not the greatest name for a company--it describes much of the Internet ;) ): Maybe you can put the little varmints to work.

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Re: Country living

Post by catskilljohn »

There you go Eric, just wipe the squirrel spit off e'm and you got a lucrative source of income :lol: CJ
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Re: Country living

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here is a simple solution to the mice and bushy tails citters problem in cars or trucks... just add a sheet of softener towel ,,yeah the one that your wife use to put in the dryer for the clothing. just put in certain spot like in the trunk,, glove compartment.. under the hood( a way from hot source of heat) this will keep the darn critters away.. I had one damn mouse last year stuffed the corn in bewteen the metal panel of the hood.. it was heckvlla time to take the whole hood off and shake out the coffee can loaded of corn out..

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Re: Country living

Post by greyfox »

Not only cars, I have found acorns in the exhaust of my motorcycle and almost always in my truck which I only use on weekends, during the winter months I need to pop the hood periodically just to chase them away, and I thought growing up in NYC the roaches were bad.
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Re: Country living

Post by Beaverkill »

It has been awhile since I have been on SGM...I live in more rural than suburban area of NJ...Quite developed compared to some places in the Catskills...I have a small commuter car for work and a fishing/hunting truck (2002 Dodge Ram with 230k miles)..because of the high water, I didnt drive the truck for 3 weeks, last week I started it and noticed a clanging in the heater blower...I brought it in for an oil change and asked my mechanic to take a quick look....He removed 40 acorns and 1 mouse from my heater...and then found a mother and 8 grown babies in the air filter...They were running all over his shop....It sounds alot better but now I have that "mouse smell" when I turn on the defrost.... So its not only country living.... And oh yea, I have a weekly battle with a 120# yearling bear that loves eating shitty diapers from my garbage....
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