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Posted: Wed Nov 13, 2019 7:58 am
by Theroe
Just a quick heads up regarding VINTAGE HOOKS:

Those of you who know me, are well aware of my fondness for collecting of vintage hooks and materials. There are MANY sellers out there, especially on "the auction site not to be named" who are unscrupulous and downright dishonest. In the last month alone I have seen alot of new hooks in old boxes - Partridge and Allcocks are the two favorite prey items of these dirt bags.
Red flag #1: Look closely at the pictures: if they are not clear, out of focus, etc., DO NOT BUY.
Red flag #2: if ANY disclaimer is present such as "i am not an expert" or "I just bought these at an estate sale", STEER CLEAR.
Red flag #3:"No returns"....NO PURCHASE.

Lest I sound unreasonably harsh, in the last year or so I have been outright screwed three times, and would like to prevent members here from the same experience.

I will be more than happy to help ANYONE who reads this with information, samples, or a good vendor- just send me a PM, text or email.

DON'T GET RIPPED OFF - ask first!!!!


Re: Buyer BEWARE

Posted: Wed Nov 13, 2019 10:01 am
by bearbutt
Unfortunately, alas, those red flags apply for everything and anything--not just hooks.

However, I have found that using the "not as described" clause on eBay can get me a refund. Sometimes. But it's also hard in some instances to prove the new hooks are new to the minions moderating the malfeasance--so yeah, in the end it's caveat emptor.