Happy Birthday CJ

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Happy Birthday CJ

Post by Eperous »

Johnny Boy... can I still call you that fast approaching the BIG FIVE 0... :? Happy Birthday young man, and many, many more.... :D :D Ted - Mr. YO - and I spend a good portion of the day fishing the Neversink to mark YOUR occasion, only you weren't there with us... :cry: you'll probably hear from Ted or I about this; in the meantime HAPPY BIRTHDAY - enjoy the rest of this day...


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Re: Happy Birthday CJ

Post by northcountryman »

Yes, same here CJ!! Happy birthday! If it weren't for your invite, I wouldn't be here on the SGM forum and for that I am grateful!!

Best to you and yours,

Your friend,


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Re: Happy Birthday CJ

Post by narcodog »

Wow, I almost missed your Birthday. I hope you havin a great one..

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Re: Happy Birthday CJ

Post by wiFlyFisher »

Happy Birthday, CJ!! and thanks again for everything!

Dave Lomasney
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Re: Happy Birthday CJ

Post by Dave Lomasney »

Happy Birthday John..Hope you went fishin!...63 was a Great year!..


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Re: Happy Birthday CJ

Post by Mantis »

Happy day kid. You're what...25?

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Re: Happy Birthday CJ

Post by quadfish »

Happy BD to CJ!! Johnny, I hope the fishing gods looked down on you and granted you a day off work and on the river!!! :D

You are the greatest, but your still 10 years younger than me...

Have a great one Pal!!!! 8-)

Yer pal, Rick :D
"A man who would fool a fish with a feather would probably go to a brothel without carryng any money." Charles Dannen

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Re: Happy Birthday CJ

Post by Ronbo »

Happy Birthday Johnny,
I will fish a bead head Johnny in your honor.
Wish you many more Budddy :D

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Re: Happy Birthday CJ

Post by dennis »

Happy B Day you old fart. :D

A few years and you'll be able to get the senior discount coffee at McDonalds.

:lol: Have a great day.......what's left of it


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Re: Happy Birthday CJ

Post by Bamboo&Brookies »

Happy Birthday, CJ.

Like Frank Sinatra sings, the best is yet to come!

I will fish some form of beadhead tomorrow in your honor.

You are the best.... without peer!

Give a man a fly rod, a shotgun and a bird dog and he'll never be worth a d*mn.
-Old New England saying

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