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Thanks Troutbum

Post by Eperous »

Hey Troutbum, many thanks again...

Per your advive, I tried spraying some white vinegar with cold water on my smelly fishing hat today--- before another trip into the mountains to fish a bit... at first my relatively new, but overused, fishing hat smelled like vinegar... :o :? BUT, as the day wore on, there was no smell at all... :) Way to go with your suggestion!!! :D


PS - I asked my wife to smell my hat before applying the water-downed vinegar; she nealy punched me... :oops: when I came home, no comment at all... NICE!!!! ;)

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Re: Thanks Troutbum

Post by Troutbum43@ »

Hey glad you found it to work for you also! Oh yea, it does take awhile for the vinegar after you spray it on to fade away! But almost always does the trick! I use it on alot of things around the house, if you have a dog and as you know accidents happen spray the area leave it for a few hours run sweeper on the spot and no more smell. Also, clean all the kitchen counters with vinegar and water, kills 99% of germs and is a safe alternative to toxic cleaners! Wow, I sound like I work for a Vinegar company! Just trying to pass along some useful info! ;)

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