Roy Steenrod

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Roy Steenrod

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Among all the names who wrote the history of Catskill flies I got especially fascinated by Roy Steenrod. The fact that he was the only one to be teached by Gordon himself to tie flies would be sufficient. The famous Henrickson fly that he designed, could be another reason. To me, it also fascinates the fact that he had been the first tyer instructor of the Catskill style.

As you can see from the pages of my web site I found few pieces of ephemera once belonging to Mr. Steenrod and furthermore to the Boy Scouts award and the two certificates (when he started in 1926 and when he quitted in 1952, working as NY State Conservation officer) I found this letter which should be hand written by Roy's daughter. In the letter she speaks about "dad" and Theodore Gordon and she mention that their fishing stuff will go to the Angler's Club of New York.

I would be very much interested to know something more about his daughter, her name, where she lived and generally some more informations.
Also I would like to read more about Mr Steenrod life: which are the books that are telling his story in more details ? Anybody knows?

One day I will hopefully find a fly tied by him in person, to complete the collection with something in fur and feathers.


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Re: Roy Steenrod

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Ed Van Put's book, Trout Fishing in the Catskills makes several mentions about Roy Steenrod, and maybe of help if you haven't already referenced it.

That said, your thread also caused me to rumage through some old letters/materials of mine that I saved. I wished now that I saved them all, but with little forsight I disposed of most pieces of correspondence with the likes of Art Flick, Arnold Gingrich, Bill Kelly, Elsie Darbee, and many others. However, I did find one letter that I wrote to Roy Steenrod back in 1971.... and HIS RESPONSE. At the time he lived/responded from Fort Pierce, FL and probably was 89 years old. I wrote to him about the Neversink, and he responded on that plus Theodore Gordon.

Many thanks for the trip down memory lane, wish I could help more... and good luck in your serach...


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