What do you like to collect?

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What do you like to collect?

Post by narcodog »

DrL, got me to thinking about this subject. I have collected several different waxes, some I bought some were sent to me. All of them different. CJ. got me looking at Pflueger reels 1494's and 2094's. So far I have five 2094's and three variations of them. I have fished two of them and find I really like them, they also look good. I also have an old 1492 which I will in all likely hood sell as I don't have anything light enough to put it on. I also got a 1495 that looks pretty ruff. I guess I lucked out on a round line guard 1494 that I refinished which also fishes well. I have put silk on all of these reels and I love fishin with silk.

I also have amassed quite a collection of tying materials, more than I'll ever use. I had six JC' skins sold some of them.

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Re: What do you like to collect?

Post by catskilljohn »

Above all, I am most proud of my hook collection. The old ones are getting harder to find and more expensive to buy all the time, and it is so satisfying when you track down something thats rare. CJ
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Re: What do you like to collect?

Post by ted patlen »

paperwork, signed letters, printed glassine gut leader packets, tying materials, business cards, autographs...
old hooks and flies...i don't really care about reels and rods

anyone collect waders?

good idea

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Re: What do you like to collect?

Post by corlay »

vintage click/pawl reels and fiberglass fly rods.

Alberto Calzolari
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Re: What do you like to collect?

Post by Alberto Calzolari »

I am with Ted for the paperworks and signed letters, and certainly for the flies, one of my favourite collectibles.
I like bamboo rods but I am not particularly crazy for reels. And then come the books, I love them, especially if they are old or signed and inscribed by some old time guys.

and no, I don't really care for the "glassine gut leader packets". Just remind me Ted, next time I see you I have some for you a a gift.


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Re: What do you like to collect?

Post by upstatetrout »

I love it all especially the fishing.I collect about everything.Even got a whole collection of vintage waders in the garage.Let me clarify that got a whole bunch of collectible leaky
vintage waders in the garage.But,to me if I lost it all I'd hate to become a cynical fisherman I bump into them more and more I geuss it comes with maturity(age).I feel sorry that they have lost their zest for fishing.So I geuss I like to collect friends the best.The kind that love it so much that I think their nuts.I even tell them and they think they are being complimented.That's what I like to collect.

P.S. This is a non profit advertisement put out by the "Friends of John for President".And,other affilates.

Tom :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

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