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ted patlen
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floyd franke

Post by ted patlen »

sad news, as reported by the cffc and guild, floyd passed away yesterday...another good guy.

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Re: floyd franke

Post by Allan »

Floyd was a good guy, a wealth of knowledge, fantastic fly tyer, fly fisher, caster, author, teacher and instructor of anything even remotely related to fly fishing.


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Re: floyd franke

Post by Eperous »

That's sad news indeed...

I knew Floyd when we both guided on the Beaverkill & East Branch... he was always helpful to me, though we had our own clients... he also told me about fishing a small (#18-#20) Brassie a couple inches below a dry fly as a technique to sometimes fool selective surface-film feeding trout... and, he was the FFF master casting certification instructor that certificated me when I became/was a FFF certified instructor... we had a few intersects in life related to flyfishing, and as I said--- he was always helpful to me...


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Re: floyd franke

Post by catskilljohn »

Ohhh man. Floyd was a great guy. I remember some years ago during the Guilds spring tying event at the Rockland House, a few of us walked down to Floyds house. He was giving casting pointers to us, even with his disablity from the stroke he could make that line sing. He had this tricked out reel that you could retrieve line with by squeezing a lever on the bottom of the cage. I remember him telling me a guy in Italy makes them, and they were not cheap. It was attatched to a graphite rod that had a "Catskill" label on it. I asked him about that too, and he said he thought it was from Joan's school.

I always enjoyed talking to him, he and his wife were always at the local events, she is such a sweet woman.

If anyone wants to send a card to his wife, their address is...

Alberta Franke
P.O. Box 629
Roscoe, NY 12776

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Re: floyd franke

Post by flymank »

Very sad to here this,was always good to me with pointers and tips.Loved his flies as well,the iso nymph,hellgimite,lake erie shinner to name a few.Took a tying class with him years ago thru e.j.t.u. and he was just the greatest,I learned alot that day.May god shine on you floyd now and forever-flymank out :cry:

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the wolf88
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Re: floyd franke

Post by the wolf88 »

ohh shit.... the man who taught me how to tie flies in high school beside Dettes who also taught me wealth of information. Beside picking on me for the casting.. certainly going to be miss by many who knew him.

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Re: floyd franke

Post by quadfish »

Very sad! I remember Floyd hanging out at Fly Fest several years ago, messing with almost everybody who came through the door with his remote control whoopee cushion. What a riot! RIP Floyd.
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