SGM event "north": "Tie-One-On" report

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SGM event "north": "Tie-One-On" report

Post by mikevalla »

The SGM/Iroquois Chapter TU event, "Tie One On" was a great time!

-I need to keep close eye on time, at future events. Gee---I was only an hour late getting to Ithaca! I had to literally fly out of the room, once I finally gazed at my watch!

Anyway, saw our SGM "letemgo," Sarge, Mike Heck, Brandt (no New Castle bottle in his hand; he had to settle for a Corona), and of course Jimmy and Joe Fox.
Sarge graciously offered to show me his night fly, and tied one for me while I watched. I'll bet that fly does very well not only at night----but anytime really.
Hogue was there, too, selling his stuff.

-Nice facility....good guys.



Brandt prior to opening up his bottle of Corona


Our Sarge---master of tying the night fly.


Fox brought along a nice load of materials (I saw that he has a trailer to haul everything around in, from show to show. Wasn't aware of that.

Sarge's favorite---a night fly. He even gave me the thing to take home, stuck in a wine cork. Thanks, Sarge!
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ted patlen
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Re: SGM event "north": "Tie-One-On" report

Post by ted patlen »

the only thing that upsets me is that i couldn't get there this year...glad to see that everyone had a good time...miss your ugly faces

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Re: SGM event "north": "Tie-One-On" report

Post by catskilljohn »

Thanks for the great report and photo's Mike...glad it was fun. That Joe really know's how to throw a party :D CJ
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Re: SGM event "north": "Tie-One-On" report

Post by SgtMajUSMC »


A special "thank you" to the Iroquois Chapter of Trout Unlimited and Joe Fox/Dette Trout Flies for hosting the event! It was a great time, and a great way to shake off the winter funk as trout season gets ready to really get going.

Mike, always a pleasure-great to talk to you about night flies and fishing. We were wondering where you had vanished!

Best of all, there were some young tyers there-very enthusiastic and talented.


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Re: SGM event "north": "Tie-One-On" report

Post by quadfish »

Looks like another great time with the fly fishing dudes!!

-Rick :D
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Re: SGM event "north": "Tie-One-On" report

Post by letumgo »

I had a great time at this event! I was having so much fun, that I was amazed how quickly the day went by. Had a chance to peek at Mike Valla's upcoming book. Oh man, is this going to be a great book. A lot of love went into that project.

Thank you, to Joe and everyone else, who helped organize and support this event. Nicely done.

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Joe Fox
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Re: SGM event "north": "Tie-One-On" report

Post by Joe Fox »

I am thrilled with the event! I had a lot of fun and doing a show up North is great because I get to see a lot of people I rarely see outside the shop.
I have to give a big thanks to Iroquois TU Chapter in particular Jim (Big Jim) Froio & David Seifritz. If it was not for these two people it most likely would have never happened. Jim Green also needs a big thanks for taking care of designing the show posters and the other printing we needed.
I also want to thank the fly tiers, presenters, vendors and donors. They are too numerous for me to list right now but they were a important part of what made the day so great.

I must say that this was a great way to end the show season and I'm planning on doing it again next year.

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Re: SGM event "north": "Tie-One-On" report

Post by flymank »

Was a very good show and I was happy to be invited.Meet some great folks and saw some cool flies.Much thanks to joe,jim and the others for a great time,and dinner as well.Would love to do it again next year and I would encourage others here to attend as well-flymank out

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