Scenes from Fly Fest 2010

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Re: Scenes from Fly Fest 2010

Post by corlay »

you know...

As I recall, I didn't see Mike tie a single fly at this event,
and these pics all attest to that.

I mean, how do we *know*, for sure,
that he *really* tied all of those beautiful flies in his book? :P

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Re: Scenes from Fly Fest 2010

Post by mikevalla »


I had a small amt of tying stuff with me....did too much talking usual!

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Jim Slattery
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Re: Scenes from Fly Fest 2010

Post by Jim Slattery »

Thanks JB! that will be cool.

As for Mikey V.
I put him in the top 3 Catskill Tyers alive today that I've seen. Mary being Numero Uno Mike being in one of the other 2 spots the other well Hard to say There is a lot of talented tiers out there. Isn't funny that 2 of my top three were taught by Walt and Winnie Dette? See what happens when good students get good teachers!

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Re: Scenes from Fly Fest 2010

Post by JB Martin »

Alright, I added some names/(usernames) to the pics as best I could.

Take a look and enjoy!

"It is not how abundant nor how considerable our catch be, but rather to the sport, and manner in which our quarry, the noble trout is angled."- JB Martin

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