It's CJ's

Everyone loves a good fish story!
Talk techniques, experiences , gear, etc
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It's CJ's

Post by narcodog »

Birthday,,,,,Happy Birthday to you!!!!

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Re: It's CJ's

Post by Beaverkill »

Happy B-Day John!!! Enjoy!
Dan Ansbach

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Joe Fox
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Re: It's CJ's

Post by Joe Fox »

Happy Birthday!

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Re: It's CJ's

Post by gadabout »

Have a Happy Birthday!

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Re: It's CJ's

Post by ewpeper »

Happy B'day, CJ. Enjoy!!!
A mountain is a fact -- a trout is a moment of beauty known only to men who seek them.
Al McClane in his Introduction to The Practical Fly Fisherman . . . often erroneously attributed to Arnold Gingrich

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Re: It's CJ's

Post by Bud »

Happy birthday, dude.

Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend. And inside of a dog, it's too dark to read.
-- Marx (Groucho)

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Re: It's CJ's

Post by wiFlyFisher »

Happy B'day, CJ. Go buy yourself a Darbee cape!!!! ;)

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Re: It's CJ's

Post by dennis »

Happy Birthday!


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Re: It's CJ's

Post by northcountryman »

Happy birthday CJ!! :D

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Re: It's CJ's

Post by catskilljohn »

Thanks guys...thats real nice! I am actually having a terrific day...the boss didn't show up :lol:
"Gentlemen,remove your hats,this is it"
"This is where the trout was invented?"
"Oh he existed in a crude,primitive form in Waltons England"
"But this is where they painted spots on him and taught him to swim"

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