Predictions for the weekend?

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Predictions for the weekend?

Post by catskilljohn »

With the water temperatures slowly creeping upward to that magical 50* mark, and Saturday just a couple days away, what do you guys think? There have been sightings of Hendricksons this week, but compared to last year where we were having 50* days in March, this year looks to be more on schedule for a "normal" hatch schedule.

You think its still a little early to predict mayflies this weekend?

Just typing out loud, and waiting... :D CJ
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Re: Predictions for the weekend?

Post by squish67 »

They will come on the Battenkill when the Shadbush blooms and the oak leaves are the size of mouse ears. That is still at least a week off I am guessing! :cry:


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Re: Predictions for the weekend?

Post by luzerne »

I would be surprised to see Hendricksons this weekend buy I'm leaving in 15 minutes just to make sure.
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Re: Predictions for the weekend?

Post by quashnet »

Thanks to logistics and scheduling issues, this is the only Hendrickson I will see this weekend.
I hope others see plenty of the live ones.

Art Flick
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Re: Predictions for the weekend?

Post by Bamboo&Brookies »

Air temps supposed to be in 60s midday in Catskills on Fri., but dipping into 30s overnight.

Then Sat. and Sun., highs in lower 50s, w/overnight lows in 30s-40s.

So it sounds like water will still be on the cold side for big hatches to occur.

If Hendricksons are anywhere I would guess on lower sections of the rivers that warm up more quickly, and then in the afternoon.

I think you can count on seeing some stones and caddis on top, maybe with some small olives.

Question is will fish be looking up and taking duns?

Only one way to know -- plant yourself on a stream from noon to dusk on Saturday and Sunday. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Then please post a report w/photos for us pathetic invalids and shut-ins. ;) ;) ;) :lol: :lol:

Good luck!

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Re: Predictions for the weekend?

Post by flymank »

You should see caddis,stones,olives paraleps,and I'm predicting some quill gordons and hendo''s as well.Of course your mileage may differ.going to scout risers on the beaverkill and EB after the show sat. and again on sun. I will report back on what I found on Monday-flymank out :D

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Re: Predictions for the weekend?

Post by Eperous »

Well as the late John Wayne might have said, "I don't know pilgrim." :?

I fished the eastern Catskills Monday through Wednesday this week but worked outside today, and again come Friday... While fishing I wet a line in the Neversink below NYC's reservoir and several Esopus Creek tribs... this week I saw a few Quill Gordons and several tan caddis, plus a few small mayflies--- which I guessing were Baetis of some sort... the week before, on the same general waters, I saw Gordons, Paralep's, Caddis, and small dark stoneflies, BUT I never saw a single trout rise the entire time--- either week... Duly noted, I'm mostly fishing the eastern Catskills on the Esopus Creek watershed, where I saw SNOW in the mountain peaks on Wednesday... :o And the insect activity I've been observing varies from day-to-day, and is different on different streams, even in the same watershed... :shock: so who knows what's happening over Roscoe way... Joe Fox probably does... ;)

I guess this is a typical early Catskill spring, conditions vary widely from day-to-day, brook-to-brook... this evening, here on the homefront, the lady of the house was chilly, so we started a fire in the ole woodstove to get us through the evening... I doubt very many bugs will be hatching late this afternoon... :roll:


PS - While on a mission and driving over the Esopus Creek at Five Arches today, the stream color looked good, but a tad high and bit too cold for my likings yet...

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Re: Predictions for the weekend?

Post by quadfish »

I think we are still a week off for Hendos, but that's because I usually JUST miss them, early and/or late. :?

I figure since I'll be up this weekend, and it's still going to be a bit cool, it won't happen this soon. :(
I'm planning to make it up next weekend again, and I'm hoping to hit at least part of a good old fashioned hatcheroo!! :lol:

The Hendo gods have got to be smiling on me one of these daze... :roll: :D

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