The new book is here!!!!

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Re: The new book is here!!!!

Post by narcodog »

I received my books today also. Man what a treat. I started paging through Mikes book and could hardly put it down.

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Re: The new book is here!!!!

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My copy arrived last Wednesday and I am at least as pleased by its arrival as all of you are. I look at Mike's new book, "The Founding Flies," and it is as if I got to request a book to be written totally to please me and satisfy my interests. Again, thank you Mike. You have provided me and many of us with countless hours of pleasure off the stream as well as on.

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Re: The new book is here!!!!

Post by Eperous »

My copy from B&N was here yesterday when we returned home from Nova Scotia... it looks GREAT!!! :D I just might have to break my longstanding tradition of saving new books till late autumn/early winter before reading them...


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Re: The new book is here!!!!

Post by redietz »

Mine finally got there today. I'm about to go spend some quality time with it.

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Re: The new book is here!!!!

Post by novabass »

I finally have it in my hands! The Founding Flies is here and I've flipped through half of the book so far taking as much in as possible. This was a birthday present, so even though I wasn't happy turning a year older, I received a nice gift!
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