How many...

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How many...

Post by Eperous »

Just wondering how many different fishing licenses the average SGM member has? :?

In 2013 I purchased 4 licenses, plus stamps/permits, for different states. Of course I had a yearly resident NYS license, which will change I believe in 2014-2015. No longer will it run from October 1st of one year to September 30th of the next, but I think will be effective from date of purchase for 365 days following that. It's a feature I'm not crazy about since I think that will make it more difficult for individuals to remember when they need to purchase another license.

Also had a yearly non-res license for CT which I have no plans on renewing, and a yearly non-res license w/trout stamp for NJ which I look forward to renewing in 2014. I'm on a mission to discover/explore "wild trout streams" down in the Garden State.

And, I purchased a couple five-day non-res VA licenses with a yearly National Forest Permit, but NO trout stamp. These allowed me to fish/explore the wild trout streams in SNP and National Forests in VA, but not any VA trout stocked waters. In 2014 I might make the jump and purchase a yearly non-res VA license as we normally make at least two VA trips a year.

One state I didn't purchase a non-res fishing license, but has an interesting policy on these was MD. Maybe Bob can comment on this, but I think MD charges non-res anglers the exact same amount for a non-res license as whatvere their home state would charge MD anglers to fish there?

Anyway, I'm guessing most SGM members purchase ONE fishing license, and if they purchase TWO, that would include NYS plus their own home state.

It might be interesting to learn more about the states SGM members fish in, and number of licenses we purchase. 8-)


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Re: How many...

Post by ewpeper »

The usual: MT full year non-res, ID full year non-res and Yellowstone full season, all X2 for me and my wife.

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Re: How many...

Post by mikevalla »

I have:


That's because I'm hooked up with the magazine--and have to "get around."

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ted patlen
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Re: How many...

Post by ted patlen »

mass, ny, nj, all years

partials conn, pa hopefully r i i want to try the wood river


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Re: How many...

Post by BrownBear »

Annuals for CO and CA, and like Eric it's X2 because my wife is my favorite fishing pardner. We qualify for the free geezer licenses in AK due to age and years of residency.

Don't need them in the salt where we fish in VA, NC and FL.

We buy some mix of weeklies each year from WA, OR, MT, WY, ID, NE, NV, NM, AZ, depending on where our travels take us.

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Re: How many...

Post by gt05254 »

NY, VT, New Brunswick. All full season.

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Re: How many...

Post by squire »

Currently just my State but can remember being licensed to practice in a half dozen at the same time.

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Re: How many...

Post by narcodog »

Life time here in GA
Annual, MT, NY, ID, WY, NC

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Re: How many...

Post by redietz »

I think that this year I had the fewest in at least 20 years: MD & PA year and NY 1 week. Most years I get at least 4 and often 6.

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Re: How many...

Post by turk »

This year just Pa. Most years also NY,CO sometimes Id,Mt,WY,and sometimes Nc.
Just depends on how much cash I have to spend. :lol:


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