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I will be fishing Montana the end of July. I am starting with the Gallatin and then spending a couple of days on the Ruby. I have two fishing days remaining and was looking for some suggestions within a few hours drive of the Ruby.. We were thinking of hitting the Lamar Valley in the park but thought the long drive and traffic would take up too much of our tight schedule... We will be wade fishing.. Any assistance is appreciated.. Thanks. Dan
Dan Ansbach

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Re: Montana

Post by BrownBear »

Just a whole lot of water in the Montana mountains this year. For example, the Big Hole snow pack was at 160% of normal with heavy, dense snow.

Runoff timing is a little up in the air at this point, depending a whole lot on current temps and any additional precip. A good warm rain could make it finish fast, but if cooler it could stretch out.

I'd sure save your 2-day opening a little longer and make your choice based upon river conditions once the time draws near. The Big Hole is my favorite by a mile, but success is based upon a whole lot of local knowledge. Got a buddy that's lived on it his whole life and guided on it through the 70's and 80's, and I feel like a real hero when fishing with him, a putz when fishing alone. Drift fishing is great, but there's more wade fishing there than lots of other rivers. Madison is a great drifting river, but we also have some wading stretches that are stellar (the first half mile upstream from any haulout, where the DBs have mostly quit fishing and are headed for the shore). On top of that, most shore anglers head straight downstream after they pull on their waders. We hike as far upstream as possible before we even string our rods. AM's are especially good, because these stretches get any DB pressure later in the day.
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Re: Montana

Post by Gene »

Your right the park will be a long drive, beautiful but long. Suggest the Madison, upper Beaverhead or Poindexter Slough. Shops in Dillon should be able to help for the Beaverhead and Poindexter. Ennis shops should put you in the right direction for the Madison. Personally I would opt for the Madison, runoff is going well and according to reports the peak runoff is over, you should be good.

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Re: Montana

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'Bout an hour and a half +/- from the Ruby to the Henry's Fork, and you parallel the Madison a good chunk of the way, so you'd get a good look at that. Henry's Fork should fish well all summer according to the water release prognosticators. All I know for sure is that it's pretty durn good right now.

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Re: Montana

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You'll be inundated with an embarrassment of riches. There are shops in Dillon and Twin Bridges as well as Ennis that can point you in the right direction.

They may have ended the experiment, but there were grayling in the upper Ruby, in the National Forest a few years back. There are still grayling in the Big Hole.

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