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"Gentlemen,remove your hats,this is it"
"This is where the trout was invented?"
"Oh he existed in a crude,primitive form in Waltons England"
"But this is where they painted spots on him and taught him to swim"

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Re: weekend...

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We just got home from working the soup kitchen in Woodstock... along the way we went over Nick Lyons' Saw Kill Creek... it was ripping, no water falls to be seen... :? it was Class 5 white water, no actually brown water.... :o it rained in the eastern Catskills nonstop a solid twenty-four... but the oddest thing, while many streams are blown out, a few hardly come up at all per the USGS website... :shock:

If you must wade, stay back, don't go deep... ;)


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Re: weekend...

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Not a total blow out, but close. The Upper East Branch of the Delaware (Downville to East Branch) is at a real nice level. So is the first few miles below the damn on the West Branch. There is always Ronbo's pond!

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Re: weekend...

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I'm thinking this will be the most activity Ronbo's pond has ever seen!!! :o

I'm heading up in a few minutes, hope to see a bunch of you up there!!

-Rick :D
"A man who would fool a fish with a feather would probably go to a brothel without carryng any money." Charles Dannen

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