Another sad bit of news......

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Re: Another sad bit of news......

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Wow,I can not believe this,very sad news for me personally as jb was a friend.I enjoyed his site and his humor and his smile and kind words.we always talked about fishing the beaverkill together but never got around to it.I have spent some good times with jb at the flyfest and have lifted a few pints as well as a few fingers of jameson with him :cry: :cry: Fish on in the beaverkill of the heavens my friend and save me a place to wet a line when my day comes.condolences to chris and his family

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Re: Another sad bit of news......

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I first saw this over on the CF site and it shocked me. I remember attending the "1st ever" Flyfest at the Reynolds house with a buddy back in 2006. I think we had been tying about 2 weeks at that point and I was put at a table with 3 or 4 tyers including CJ. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing (still don't really) but everyone was kind and very helpful. At one point JB basically grabbed my hands and showed me how to "tie" the theme fly which was a Zugbug. Being new to the Catskill streams JB also took us around to some of the spots, showed us the CFFCM and some other notable locations and introduced us to Dennis at CF. I was very taken at how much time he invested in showing me around and seemed like he truly wanted me to get as stoked on fishing in the Catskills as he obviously was.

While I'm mostly a lurker here I have to say JB (as well as CJ and others) have been, in part, the reason I stayed interested in flyfishing. Thanks to you all.

RIP JB and my condolences to his family.
Best Wishes,

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