Happy Birthday!

Everyone loves a good fish story!
Talk techniques, experiences , gear, etc
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Happy Birthday!

Post by catskilljohn »

Happy Birthday to our own cane waving, leech slinging, TU attending, mountain climbing, picture taking, big brown slayer, native brookie chaser, author, conservationist and all around good guy, Dean of the Esopus and every other stream he wades in, ED! Happy Birthday buddy, and many more! CJ
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"This is where the trout was invented?"
"Oh he existed in a crude,primitive form in Waltons England"
"But this is where they painted spots on him and taught him to swim"

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Re: Happy Birthday!

Post by tie2fish »

Hope it was a good one Ed, and may there be many more.

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Re: Happy Birthday!

Post by quadfish »

Happy Birthday Ed!!

Never a dull moment with all that talent you have!! Hope you have many more....

-Rick :D
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Re: Happy Birthday!

Post by narcodog »

Yes siree Ed have a great day..

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Re: Happy Birthday!

Post by ewpeper »

Have a good one, and stay warm and dry.

A mountain is a fact -- a trout is a moment of beauty known only to men who seek them.
Al McClane in his Introduction to The Practical Fly Fisherman . . . often erroneously attributed to Arnold Gingrich

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Re: Happy Birthday!

Post by Night_Browns »

Happy Birthday Ed. :-)
I'm an experienced practitioner of the mystical art of night fishing for large browns. I don't normally catch many small fish.

I fish where you fish, you're just not there when I am. ;-)

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Re: Happy Birthday!

Post by wiFlyFisher »

Happy Birthday Ed!!

I hope you keep up posting your photos, fishy pics, and stories from the Catskills for many more Birthdays!

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Re: Happy Birthday!

Post by Barleywine »

Cheers Ed! :D

"The secret to life is honesty and fair dealing. When you can fake that, you've got it made." ---Groucho Marx

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Re: Happy Birthday!

Post by BruceC »

Happy Birthday, Ed. Best Fishes!

ted patlen
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Re: Happy Birthday!

Post by ted patlen »

congratulations , many more and have great day...why don't you go fishing...

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