Lost a great friend

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Lost a great friend

Post by dennis »

I took the news hard this morning, hearing that the fly fishing community had lost one of its best mentors! Chris Helm was an exceptional man, a prolific fly tier, and a gentle heart! I will miss you my friend, and thank you for all your contributions to make me not only a better tier but also a better person!

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Re: Lost a great friend

Post by bearbutt »

Chris was as helpful and knowing as they come--and it's an understatement to say that guy knew deer hair like nobody else on earth.

He is missed big time,

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Re: Lost a great friend

Post by Eperous »

I share your lost Dennis... very sad...


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Re: Lost a great friend

Post by reservoirman »

I read that today with a heavy sigh. He was one good dude. I did business with him at his whitetail fly shop, and he never steered me wrong. I used to call in my orders so I could talk to him.I told him I was learning how to tie irrestibles,and he sent me one of his.It looked so perfect that I don't fish with it I use it for a model.Really gonna moss that guy. Stan

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Re: Lost a great friend

Post by Mantis »

If you'd like to give your condolences you can do so at: http://www.walkerfuneralhomes.com/obitu ... hard-helm/

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