Happy Birthday Joe!

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Happy Birthday Joe!

Post by catskilljohn »

29!!! your still like a puppy! Happy Birthday man, I wish it was a little warmer out so you could enjoy it outdoors...but have a great day anyway!
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Re: Happy Birthday Joe!

Post by Eperous »

Wow... almost 30!!!! :o :evil: When ya get there, the thirty decade will whiz by--- trust me... Forty is the downhill side of the mountain :cry: :( :cry: , the body you've abused all those years will break down... :shock: :? Believe me... :P Then fifties and sixties, life picks up again... in fact, it's pretty damn good... :D ;)

So enjoy 29, cause the roller coaster ride starts soon... :| Happy Birthday and many more... :D


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Re: Happy Birthday Joe!

Post by redietz »

An old man! Happy birthday, Joe.

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Re: Happy Birthday Joe!

Post by tie2fish »

Have a special day, Joe.

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Re: Happy Birthday Joe!

Post by narcodog »

Wahoo, almost an adult...

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Re: Happy Birthday Joe!

Post by SgtMajUSMC »

Happy Birthday, Joe!

Enjoy...your day, and also the good-natured ribbing from all of us "older fly fishermen!" Or...old farts, as you prefer!



ted patlen
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Re: Happy Birthday Joe!

Post by ted patlen »

29? i have underwear that old!!!! congrats and many , many more ! :lol:

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Re: Happy Birthday Joe!

Post by Rolf »

I can't even remember 29! Have a VERY happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Re: Happy Birthday Joe!

Post by quadfish »

Like all these other old dudes before me said, Happy Birthday Joseph!!

All I can add is, no wonder you can still scramble through a boulder strewn stream like nobody's business, you're less than half my age!!! :lol: :oops: :roll:

Yer pal, Rick :D
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Re: Happy Birthday Joe!

Post by Joe Fox »

Thanks everyone!

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