So how cold is it?

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So how cold is it?

Post by Eperous »

It got down to negative seven (-7) degrees here last night in the eastern Catskills, not far from the Ashokan Reservoir & Esopus Creek... at church this AM I heard people talk about air temps--- NOT WIND CHILLS--- in the -7 to -14 degree range in Woodstock... someone said it hit -35 degrees at Whiteface in the Adirondacks today? And, the Weather Channel reported it got down to -80 degrees at Mount Washington in New Hampshire... :o :shock:

Driving over Nick Lyon's Saw Kill Creek it appeared to be all ice at Route 375, with minimal open water!

Looks like this cold weather could be gone by Tuesday, else we could have fish kills in small tributaries if they freeze solid like this...

Warner Creek, frozen solid:
Cold- Warner Creek, anchor ice.JPG
Cold- Warner Creek, anchor ice.JPG (516.49 KiB) Viewed 823 times
Buttermilk Falls, frozen solid:
Cold-Buttermilk Falls.JPG
Cold-Buttermilk Falls.JPG (354.24 KiB) Viewed 823 times
These photos are from March of 2014, when we didn't hit/break record cold air temps like today... BUT, it stayed cold for long periods of time, even in March... winter ain't over yet... :P


ted patlen
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Re: So how cold is it?

Post by ted patlen »

we had -7 also ...the pipes leading to my kitchen froze hair dryers to the rescue! i'd send a photo of the ponds but i'm not going outside today :)

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Re: So how cold is it?

Post by wiFlyFisher »

Cheer up, we just got rid of the deep freeze. Going to be in the 40's later this week in Cheeseland. :lol:

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Re: So how cold is it?

Post by squish67 »

Minus 18 on my part of the Battenkill. Lots of ice and anchor ice, but rain on Tuesday is forecasted :D !

Ed Pirie
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Re: So how cold is it?

Post by Ed Pirie »

We had -20 F. here in West Topsham, Vermont this morning around 6:00 am. It got up to a + 2 F. during the day here. Right now at 10:40 pm it looks like -13 F. here. It is not supposed to get as cold tonight as it did last night. Last night the wind was strong as well bring the wind chill temps down to the minus 40 F. range. We were out for a little while last night and it was bitter with the wind.

By the way, West Topsham, Vermont is in eastern central Vermont on the Waits River. The Waits River is the river Walter Wetherell writes about in his book, "Vermont River." West Topsham is near the head waters of the Waits River in the Orange Mountains. On this end, the Waits is a good sized brook and I enjoy it very much.

Ed Pirie
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Re: So how cold is it?

Post by BrownBear »

You remind me of why we started spending winters far south from Alaska.

Kinda nippy 55 degrees at 6 this morning when I went on my daily march, but it redeemed itself midday at 75 degrees with a gentle breeze rustling the palm trees. :lol:

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Re: So how cold is it?

Post by Gene »

We had -11 Sunday and -7 here in central Conn. today. Leaving to see my daughters family just outside of Denver. There temps lately have been upper 60's. I see on the weather channel it's supposed to be in the 70's later in the week. I think I am going to pack my fly fishing stuff. The South Platte, Arkansas, and the Blue here I come. I don't know where I'm going but I'll figure it out I guess.

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