Art Neumann, TU founder, passes at age 99

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Art Neumann, TU founder, passes at age 99

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Through Carl Otto of the Wanigas Rod Company, comes the news that Art Neumann, a founder and early grassroots organizer of Trout Unlimited, has died at age 99. See this announcement from Michigan Trout Unlimited.

In 2008 Bob Summers contacted me with news that Art Neumann was to be inducted into the Fly Fishing Hall of Fame at the Catskill Fly Fishing Center and Museum. "Meet us there," said Bob. "This may be your one chance to meet Art."

I drove to Livingston Manor, primarily hoping to learn much about Michigan bamboo rod maker Paul H. Young from one of his few remaining contemporaries. But I learned as much or more about Art; not because he talked about himself (he was quite self-effacing), but through observing his manner and demeanor. He spoke slowly - not due to the infirmities of age, but because he weighed his words and organized his thoughts before communicating them. He was thoughtful and courteous in a way that reflected an inner integrity, earned through a long life well lived. It was clear that Bob Summers thought the world of him, and after five minutes I did too, and so, I think, did everyone else at the Museum on that October weekend.

(above) Ed van Put, Art Neumann, Mary Dette, Stan Bogdan
(below) Francis Betters, Joan Wulff

Art Neumann, beside his plaque in the Fly Fishing Hall of Fame
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Re: Art Neumann, TU founder, passes at age 99

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Sad news... I read that Art was the last of the original founders of Trout Unlimited...a great picture of Art and the other 2008 Hall of Fame CFFC&M inductees... living till 99 is quite an accomplishment in and of itself... to be active and useful most of that time takes one's life work to a whole different level... thanks for posting this and the photos...


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Re: Art Neumann, TU founder, passes at age 99

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That was a great HOF class. Art was a real gentleman.I am so glad he was inducted while still living. Art, Stan and Fran have passed over .
Rest in peace guys.

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Re: Art Neumann, TU founder, passes at age 99

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Have never met Mr.Neumann but I would imagine he would like all you ole timers to continue " to pass it on " . RIP
If it has fins I want to catch it .

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