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Post by Eperous »

Happy Birthday CJ... :D and many, many more... ;)


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Re: CJ

Post by letumgo »

Happy Birthday CJ!

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Re: CJ

Post by tie2fish »

Hope you get to flail some water today, CJ. ;)

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Re: CJ

Post by SgtMajUSMC »

Happy Birthday, John!

Looking forward to seeing you...



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Re: CJ

Post by ewpeper »

Have a good one Johnny -- hope you find some fish in the "little crick." :D

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Re: CJ

Post by narcodog »

Have a great day Johnny

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Re: CJ

Post by catskilljohn »

Thanks men! We went to see my daughter at Lehigh today, her birthday is tommorow! No fishing this weekend, but I'll be waist deep in the "crick" next weekend! CJ
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Re: CJ

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happy birthday cj.... oh yeah, next week should be good,, town of jeff is having maple fest, you would like it. april 23 rd. also I am off that day.. sun morining going to binghamton to see family so afternoon is hit and miss.

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Re: CJ

Post by turk »

Happy birthday John.

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Re: CJ

Post by Barleywine »

Happy Birthday CJ! :D

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