Harry Darbee

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Harry Darbee

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Fifty years ago Sports Illustrated covered Fly Fishing.
Here's a nice article on Harry Darbee from June 29th, 1964.

"If it were possible to cross a Henry David Thoreau with an H. L. Mencken, the result probably would be someone very much like Harry Darbee of Roscoe, N.Y....."

http://www.si.com/vault/1964/06/29/6068 ... iest-flies
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Re: Harry Darbee

Post by Barleywine »

Excellent article. I started fishing the Catskills too late to meet the Darbies and Dette's, so it's nice to read what was written about them.

Thanks for digging that one up and posting it.

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Re: Harry Darbee

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That's a great profile.

I was amazed to learn that a young Darbee spent time with an elder John Burroughs... no better apprenticeship than that for the outdoors!

Bob Boyle was the writer... you will rarely find that kind of depth and flair in any writing in Sports Illustrated these days.

In going through the SI archive, I also found several other good pieces Bob wrote... including a long article on Jack Gartside.

Great stuff!

-Rob J.
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Re: Harry Darbee

Post by bearbutt »

Bamboo&Brookies wrote: In going through the SI archive, I also found several other good pieces Bob wrote... including a long article on Jack Gartside.

Great stuff!
Yup!--Love the Darbee article and the Gartside one--so much I went online to buy hard copies of these (and some others)--but lo and behold, the hard copy of the June 29, 1964 issue of Sports Illustrated I bought did NOT have the Darbee article--instead it had Dos Passos writing on Hemingway--and another issue, that should have had an article on Metz hackle, was missing said Metz article. What I discovered is that Sports Illustrated often changed copy for regional markets--and the online "vault" issues do not always correspond with the hard copies--so if you want a particular hard copy that is listed in the vault, make sure you article is there first.--it's one bibliographical mess.


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Re: Harry Darbee

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Oh my! that last sentence... ("I'm far from complacent about America's natural resources," he says. "I think we're balanced on a fine line, and it's just possible we can lose our resources faster than anyone thought. But when you say that, people think you're a nut. I'm not. I was, I think, brought up with some ideals." ) really struck a chord when I considered the movement to sell the National Parks was voted on and approved by every GOP senator but three... What the heck has happened in the last 50 years?

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