Well it's time to go

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Well it's time to go

Post by narcodog »

The water is low and warm and the wind is blowin. But the reason for my delay in coming to the Catskill's has risen it's head once again. So Sunday or Monday I will be headed back south. There were a few good days of fishing and that's all I can ask for. The Guild meeting was interesting to say the least

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Re: Well it's time to go

Post by Eperous »

Bob, I hope whatever is pulling you back south works out in your favor... good luck and tight lines...


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Re: Well it's time to go

Post by tie2fish »

Travel safely, Bob.

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Re: Well it's time to go

Post by turk »

Was nice to see you Bob.
Hope everything turns out alright.
Maybe I'll see you out west. If I come
I'll let you know.

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Re: Well it's time to go

Post by quadfish »

I'm sorry I missed you Bob, and Turk too.....

Better luck next year!

Adios my friend and safe travels!!

-Rick :D
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