Fly Fest 2017 Report

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Fly Fest 2017 Report

Post by quadfish »

Fly Fest 2017 ..... Thanks to everyone who made it out and we missed those who couldn't make this one!! Catskill Flies and Catskill Fly Fishing Center and Museum, well done again!! No better way to spend an early February Saturday than getting ready for fishing season!!!
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Re: Fly Fest 2017 Report

Post by Eperous »

Thank you Rick and Catskill Flies and the folks involved... a really nice day and super turn-out....


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Re: Fly Fest 2017 Report

Post by Barleywine »

Had a great time today at Fly Fest Rick. Many thanks to you and all who were involved in putting this together.

The great help at the front desk really had the sign-ins and raffle running smoothly. :D
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Re: Fly Fest 2017 Report

Post by Jerry G »

Well thanks very much for sharing all the pictures with us. You certainly had a great turn out of tyer's. I'll bet there were plenty of fishing stories shared. Not being from your neck of the woods I did recognize some of the smiling faces from past gatherings that were posted. Thanks again for sharing the day with us.

Regards, Jerry

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Re: Fly Fest 2017 Report

Post by HookI »

thanks for sharing
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Re: Fly Fest 2017 Report

Post by SgtMajUSMC »

Another Fly Fest on the books...what a great event! Perfect weather for travel to and from the event was also welcome.
Rick and his family did a fantastic job of organizing and advertising the event. Well done, all!
It's always great to visit Roscoe and Livingston Manor, and this event increases the anticipation of the start of another Catskill fishing season.
The Museum staff did a fantastic job, and it is always wonderful to see and speak to Agnes and Tony.
There were many familiar and new tyers present, and everyone was enjoying themselves!

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