Aaron and the opener

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Aaron and the opener

Post by Eperous »

I was cleaning out my fly-tying bench the other day and came upon a mini-streamer my friend Aaron Hirschhorn tied and sent me years ago...
Aaron H..JPG
Aaron H..JPG (315.93 KiB) Viewed 643 times
... he sent it along with a note to make sure I use it up at Frost Valley, in Biscuit Brook... we had plans to fish Frost Valley together, for many years, but somehow always keeping putting them off, as "life got in the way"...

Another thread mentioned The Fly Fishing Show at Somerset, this is us working a booth for Frost Valley in the early 2000's... I think Bruce Corwin took this photo as I see Jeff to the left... I used to kid Aaron calling Bruce and Jeff his "bodyguards"...
050129- Aaron Hirschhorn & me.jpeg
050129- Aaron Hirschhorn & me.jpeg (562.42 KiB) Viewed 643 times
Hardly a trip south on the NYS Thruway--- passing through Harriman along the Rampo River--- goes by that I don't think of Aaron, and all those fishing outings we planned to do... without any doubt, he was a gentle giant, a very generous caring man with a great smile and a wealth of piscatorial knowledge with a sincere passion for the well being of our rivers...

So as the NYS trout season opener rolls around, if there's someone you've been thinking about fishing with, don't put it off... do it while you can, stop making excuses...

This might be a photo of one of the last flies Aaron ever tied, it's part of the Jerry Bartlett Angling Collection Hatch Matching chart...
Aaron Hirschhorn - Royal Trude.jpg
Aaron Hirschhorn - Royal Trude.jpg (70.04 KiB) Viewed 643 times
Next time I fish Biscuit Brook, I will use the mini-streamer above, but be wishing Aaron was there with me.


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Re: Aaron and the opener

Post by SgtMajUSMC »

Hi Ed,

A very nice remembrance, in honor of a fine gentleman.


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Re: Aaron and the opener

Post by johne »


Nice tribute to a great guy! I knew Aaron well and fished with him for a number of years. He was as fine a gentleman there has ever been. Aaron had a beautiful casting stroke in addition to his tying skills. I still have some things, dubbing, a leader wallet some flies he kindly gave me. I also fish a combination Harvey/Borger leader to this day that he showed me.

Thanks for a great memory!


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Re: Aaron and the opener

Post by quadfish »

Very touching tribute and memories Ed!

I didn't know Aaron for very long, but I was always impressed by his sincere approach toward me whenever we crossed paths. At times it seemed we crossed paths quite often! "Gentle giant" is a perfect description of the man!

Great advise Ed, I need to remind myself of it all the time, "don't put off the good things, there may be no tomorrow"....

-Rick :D
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Re: Aaron and the opener

Post by BruceC »

HI Ed. Thanks for posting this. Like yourself, I find myself thinking of him often. It usually happens when I'm thinking about a specific fishing situation and wonder what he would have done. Or... when rummaging through my stuff, and as you experienced, find a fly that he gave me years ago.

Hey John. You're dead on about his casting stroke. He had the most beautiful, easy stroke, especially when casting his 4 wt. Tom Morgan Favorite.

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