A granddaughter's story...

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A granddaughter's story...

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Had planned to post this July 4th weekend, but various issues with the bulletin board delayed that... very happy to see Sparse is back up and running... :D

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Taylor Rose--- our first grandchild, the older of two granddaughters, the belle of the ball, a special young lady--- a princess, who holds a key to my spirit. Last year Taylor graduated Cum Laude with a college degree in Psychology, and has since taken up fly-fishing for trout. This young woman remains one of the hardest working youthful folks I ever knew, so when she asked about trout fishing with me, the excitement I felt went off the charts.

We had an "all-hands" family event east of the Hudson in Dutchess County, 4th of July weekend. All our children, and grandchildren, and significant others/spouses would be there. Beforehand, Taylor and I fished the Wassaic River for about 1½ hot, steamy hours.

I've never fished this river before, but was assured it supports wild brown trout. Thus I was anxious to share the experience with Taylor, but wish I could have been a better guide. The river was slightly stained from recent rainfall, and day's weather a tad threatening. Other than one small trout that came up to look at Taylor's dry fly once, we never nicked, nor moved a fish.

After we finished to head back to the family party, we discussed fishing together again in a couple weeks, either waters I know in the Catskills, or maybe the Adirondacks.

Over the years I've fished with both sons and two daughters--- though I regret having not devoted more attention to these ladies--- plus all our five grandsons. Having said that, this was very special outing for me, and my greatest hope was I didn't affront our first-born, who has yet to fish with his daughter--- our Taylor Rose.

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Our granddaughter has since requested to fish together again and now we're trying to find in open date in her busy work schedule as she holds down two job!


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Re: A granddaughter's story...

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Lucky man!

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Re: A granddaughter's story...

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I love that!!! You are indeed a lucky Grandpa, and a damn good one at that!

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Re: A granddaughter's story...

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redietz wrote:
Thu Jul 13, 2017 10:11 am
Lucky man!


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Re: A granddaughter's story...

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that's really fantastic -THE essence of life.
“Time to go fishing”

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Re: A granddaughter's story...

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it don't get any better than that

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Re: A granddaughter's story...

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Absolutely wonderful stuff Ed. Lucky man indeed!

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