Happy Birthday - Alberto

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Happy Birthday - Alberto

Post by Eperous »

Alberto, Happy Birthday - and many more... :D you're a young man still, so hopefully the best of life still lies ahead of you... ;) and, that's quite a decent list of judges for WTC 2010... Hans van Klinken has developed some very nice dry fly patterns, not of the Catskill bent - but stilll they work in these mountains/rivers for me just fine... :)


PS - Most folks are probably at the CFFC&M Summerfest today; I went - it was GREAT!

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Re: Happy Birthday - Alberto

Post by dennis »

Happy Birthday young feller. Wish you many more. :D


Re: Happy Birthday - Alberto

Post by willowhead »

HAPPY BIRTHDAY again Alberto..... :D any time you wish to tye here in Arkansas at either show we have here, or at the FFF International Conclave, just let me know, and it's a "Done Deal." Me Casa, Su Casa..... ;)

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Re: Happy Birthday - Alberto

Post by ted patlen »


is federica taking you out for a nice dinner? open a bottle of barbaresca


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Re: Happy Birthday - Alberto

Post by Mantis »

Hey Alberto. Happy B Day.. Maybe see you at the shows.. As ever, Bob

Alberto Calzolari
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Re: Happy Birthday - Alberto

Post by Alberto Calzolari »

Thank you friends, very kind of you.

Hope to see you all in November at the show.

My web site : www.artisticflies.com

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