Fly-Fest 2012

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Fly-Fest 2012

Post by catskilljohn »

It's here again, show your support to the museum and all things hooks and feathery!

"Fly Fest 2012"
Saturday Feb. 11th, 2012
Time: 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Place: Catskill Fly Fishing Center & Museum, Old Route 17, Livingston Manor, N.Y.
Cost: $ 5.00
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the wolf88
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Re: Fly-Fest 2012

Post by the wolf88 »

ah yep.. buttttt I am working that day.. I will try to get 2 hrs off from work to stop by.. I will have some flies to donate. I will see ya folks..

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Re: Fly-Fest 2012

Post by SgtMajUSMC »

I'm looking forward to it. Last year was a blast! There was a lot of talent and knowledge on hand. What a great way t spend a day!



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Joe Fox
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Re: Fly-Fest 2012

Post by Joe Fox »

John I'm glad you posted this, I have been forgetting everyday since I read the release the Center put out.

I love Fly Fest, great to catchup with everyone and escape the shop for a few hours.


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Re: Fly-Fest 2012

Post by Fontinalis »

Hi CJ:

This year I am planning to attend. I have not been to a fly fest for two years. Looking forward to seing everyone.

Andy Brasko

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Re: Fly-Fest 2012

Post by Allan »

Missed this great event for a few years but anxiously expect to attend this coming years festivities.


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Re: Fly-Fest 2012

Post by Eperous »

I would love too; had a great time last year interacting with many SGM board members and meeting Tim Didas for the first time... our youngest daughter is scheduled to have surgery around this time, so plans are highly "iffy" - but hopeful...


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Re: Fly-Fest 2012

Post by quadfish »

Great CJ, always look forward to it. I'll be there. Haven't tied at every one, but I'm pretty sure I've attended every one.

Happy New Year, Rick
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Re: Fly-Fest 2012

Post by corlay »

Great event - I hope to make it as well.

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Re: Fly-Fest 2012

Post by AaronH »

Looking forward to it be the Good Lord willing (and hopefully the creek will rise a little). Stay well.

AaronH (Survivor)

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