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Hello , Mt.Vernon
Great site here, there's a lot of knowledge to be found from these guys, I'm new as well , at any given time you can generally find the History, as well as in many cases how to tie a specific Fly , these guys here know the Catskill rivers and pools as well
Enjoy yourself and welcome

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Re: New members

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Welcome to all of the new members. This is WITHOUT a doubt the BEST BOARD ON THE WEB. This really is a great bunch of very knowledgeable individuals; I learn something every time I log on. You can ask whatever you need and not be flamed, or get the gamut of stupid responses seen on many other boards.
Good luck, post away, and don't be afraid to ask!

“Time to go fishing”

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Re: New members

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I'm a new member. My name is Zak Griefen and I've been visiting this remarkable board for some time. I live in Vermont and fish my own flies, and love the insights I've found here (for one example, the great discussion on the Neversink Skater).

Thanks, Zak

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