Barney & Berry "Mohegan" fly rod

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Barney & Berry "Mohegan" fly rod

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My friend's dad just gave me an old bamboo fly rod. Bamboo is whole new world for me. The reel seat is stamped "Barney & Berry, made in USA" and the rod butt has the word "Mohegan" inked in script. It's identical (except for the placement of the handwritten word "Mohegan") to the rod (and bag and tube) pictured and described here: ... 69&t=49839

It feels like a 5 wt, though I haven't put a reel or line on it yet. Nine foot, three pieces. Really small line guides.

I'd love to know more about this rod, especially who made it. I understand that Barney & Berry did not make rods, and that they were acquired by Winchester in the 1920's.

Any info is greatly appreciated!



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Re: Barney & Berry "Mohegan" fly rod

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Zak, Your rod was made by Winchester in New Haven, Conn. and at a time when Winchester owned Barney & Berry.

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