Back in the saddle

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Back in the saddle

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I haven't made a rod since May of 2011 due to buying a house and all of the nonsense that goes along with it. My new(to me) house has a shop that is nowhere near finished but I have put lights and one outlet in one section of it. I haven't had a chance to make a workbench yet but I couldn't take it anymore so I dragged our old kitchen table out of the barn and am using that for the time being. Tonight I flamed, split, and cut the strips to length for two rods. I'll start working on the nodes tomorrow night and hopefully set my beveler back up over the weekend so I can start planing next week. It feel so good to be back working on rods and especially good to be doing it in my own shop! Once the shop is finished my wife is going to have a hard time getting me to come into the house but at least she'll know where to find me!

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Re: Back in the saddle

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Cant wait till your going at it full tilt again man, glad to hear your getting closer. Take care, and keep us posted, CJ
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Re: Back in the saddle

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Lights and one outlet, slacker :lol:
Glad your making progress Jason, got to stop by and see the new shop !!

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