Paul H. Young: Announcing NEW PHY Database Wordpress Site!

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Paul H. Young: Announcing NEW PHY Database Wordpress Site!

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The Paul H. Young Database has moved to a new home on Wordpress. Now found at, the site has been greatly improved in the organization of its information and the presentation of high-quality photos. Available free and 24/7, the Paul H. Young Database celebrates the legacy and accomplishments of master bamboo fishing rod maker Paul Holden Young (1890-1960).

Separate database listings have been made for non-serial numbered rods (mostly built before 1954) and serial-numbered rods (built 1955 and thereafter). There is a separate section to show handwriting and identifying marks of PHY Company rods. Another large section of the improved PHY Database is dedicated to catalogs, accessories, correspondence, and similar items that help tell the Paul H. Young story.

Many new photos for the PHY Database are being uploaded to Wordpress; nothing is stored at Photobucket. Hundreds of new photos will be added in the next few months. Please bookmark the site and check back often to find new material. Your continued visits will help move this site past the old site in the search rankings, and make it more accessible and useful for all. Here are some of the images already placed on the new Paul H. Young Database:

Nymph Rod built by PHY June 1949 for his best friend, Paul Cardell

Inked inscription by PHY in his book Making and Using the Fly and Leader, June 6, 1945

Streamers and bucktails from Paul H. Young's personal fly box

PHY Perfectionist built April 1955 by PHY as a surprise gift for his wife, Martha Marie Young

Paul H. Young at work in the rod shop
Please visit and bookmark the NEW Paul H. Young Rod Database at

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Re: Paul H. Young: Announcing NEW PHY Database Wordpress Site!

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Great news! Thanks for doing this.

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