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Re: Neversink

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drlogik wrote:Funny, in my 30 plus years of backpacking and fishing the Smokies I've not once seen a bear.
Well we were in the Smokies a bit less than one week and saw a BIG black bear in Cades Cove, after hiking out of Abrams Falls... I probably have a picture of that somewhere, if you bug me...

Funny thing... just had this discussion with another outdoor buddy about a week ago... 25 years ago, I don't recall seeing any wild turkeys in the Catskills... now I chase them out of my wife's garden in the back of the house... 15 years ago, bald eagles were rare... now I see them on a regular basis and am always in awe everytime I see one... 10 years ago, I didn't encounter that many black bears here in the Catskills... now every year I stumble upon 2 or 3 while fishing... mostly they run the other way when we "scare each other"... and mostly I make sure I don't happen upon a cub by myself, which I did once on the upper Neversink, 2 years ago... I paused my fishing to fiddle with my leader, change a fly... than I sensed another living thing near me... so I looked up and across a small trib, some 15-20 feet away, quickly observed a small black object... at first I thought, oh, a cute little black cat... than I realized, I was by myself in the middle of no where, not a cute little black cat Ed.... so I looked again, a small black bear cub, maybe 20-30 pounds - not a good judge of black bear weight... at that point I thought about reaching for my digital camera - with flash - down the front of my waders to snap a picture or two... than, common sense set in... as it was all wooded about the bear and me, I had no idea where mama bear was... so I slowly pulled my hand up from my waders and started to back up... as I moved, I startled the little cub and it scurried up the cobble bank in the opposite direction... I relocated about 200 yards upstream and kept fishing, never to see another black bear that day...

I often wished that I had snapped a picture or two of that cub, but than maybe this story would have a far different outcome... Every year I do take several pictures of black bears that I have encountered while fishing, and most of them thus far just depict their hide corners moving away from me... all true - stack of bibles, pictures on demand..


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Re: Neversink

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The upper West Branch One of my favorites, last summer my 8 year old son and I did an overnite, we hiked in set camp and proceeded to fish upstream, after a couple of hours and some little beauties later we hiked back to camp. We were planing on eating some fish (would have been first time) but all were too small and I told my little man they still needed to reproduce some more anyway we made a fire baked potatoes and had them with protein bars and went to sleep 10 feet from the stream to the sound of a Brookie slurping flies.
"There's mosquitoes on the river Fish are rising up like birds"
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Re: Neversink

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greyfox wrote:and went to sleep 10 feet from the stream to the sound of a Brookie slurping flies.
That is beautiful man! CJ
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Re: Neversink

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So much good stuff in this 10+-year-old thread, I thought I would just add to it and bring it back up to the top for folks who might not have seen it before.

The tail water section is a godsend this time of year, with relatively consistent cold flows. There are a lot fewer trout stocked per mile than in the BK or Willow, so the fish are harder to come by in my experience, but rewarding for those who put in the effort. This bruiser took a Dette’s Isonychia nymph.
Neversink brown, August 8, 2021
Neversink brown, August 8, 2021
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Re: Neversink

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Nice fish!
That Dette isonichia is one of the best searching patterns, ever.
“Time to go fishing”

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