The elusive 20

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Re: The elusive 20

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Well told story; tough but memorable outcome.... :o :shock: :? ;)


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Re: The elusive 20

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corlay wrote:
Wed Jul 17, 2019 2:26 pm
sort of amazing that the hook straightened before the tippet broke.
As Bob mentioned, I find that I bend more hooks than lose flies to broken tippet. This particular scene I had Trouthunter 4.5X on, as the parachute fly was a size 12 and spinning tippet aggravates me. That stuff is tough, and dry fly hooks are no match for it.

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Re: The elusive 20

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Another possibility...I've had 2/0 hooks straighten while fishing for stripers. 2/0 is a big hook and if the point has not penetrated the soft tissue of the mouth and is just touching the harder bone much less pressure is needed to straighten the hook. yeah I know trout have soft mouths etc...just saying

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Re: The elusive 20

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Great tale and great photo.

You should use that fly in a shadow box.

Like other folks have said, you know where he lives now!

I have a wooden trout carving hanging over my tying table. The carving is a brown trout, around two feet long. In the open jaw I stick dry flies that have either caught or hooked my largest Catskill trout. There are 6-8 dry flies in the jaw, representing about 4 fish that I netted that were between 22-24", and some big ones that got away... broke off under rocks and stumps, or bent the hooks.

I have pretty clear memories of the big ones that broke off, including one a couple years ago when I was catching 8-inch brookies on a Catskills trib. Then at dusk I cast up into the head of the pool and the fly drifted down toward a sunken ledge. A fish sipped it down, just a murmur of a take. I figured it was another smallish brookie, and as I stripped in the line the fish came in quietly at first. Then I got a look at him (her?) in the clear water, a brown with slab sides, around 20 inches. The fish saw me and bolted in an instant, line shot through the guides and he dove under the ledge and broke off like nothing.

You never know what lies beneath!

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Re: The elusive 20

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I know in my mind ,it is chiseled in there of the ones I lost more than the ones to the net
If it has fins I want to catch it .

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