Esopus Rainbow

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Esopus Rainbow

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Landed a nice 17"+ hard pulling Esopus Rainbow the other afternoon. It hit a #14 Black Soft Hackle. The take was in fast water and it took off downstream. Had to hustle downstream briefly, without breaking my neck. Spotting and coloration were low contrast and subtle for a Rainbow. Wondering if that means it's fresh from the reservoir ? (seems late for that) Maybe just another variation......
Esopus Rainbow.JPG
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Re: Esopus Rainbow

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Nice... in my observations, "fresh out of the reservoir" rainbows tend to be chrome and silver sided, hence the name Esopus bows are often given is "silver bullets"...

Like this:

17 in BL chrome side bow.JPG
17 in BL chrome side bow.JPG (106.15 KiB) Viewed 270 times

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