Hendricksons- Video

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Hendricksons- Video

Post by Beaverkill »

A friend, Tim Flagler- Tighlines Productions, produces some nice fly tying and fishing videos. You have probably seen his work on the Orvis website and Midcurrent. Here is some nice footage he filmed of a Hendrickson hatch on my home waters- The South Branch of the Raritan.. Enjoy!

Dan Ansbach

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Re: Hendricksons- Video

Post by ewpeper »

Great stuff. That really gets the blood pumping. How did I miss the South Branch when I lived in the northeast? Another river of regret!

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Re: Hendricksons- Video

Post by quadfish »

Thanks for posting this video, Dan! Great detail and wonderful photography!!

Wow, I'm with Eric, heart pumping big time!!! :D

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Re: Hendricksons- Video

Post by catskilljohn »

Ohhh man! That is a great video! I know a few of those dudes too :lol: Good stuff Dan, those Tightline Production video's are top notch. CJ
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Re: Hendricksons- Video

Post by Eperous »

Thanks posting for that video... :D I grew up fishing the SBR, at the Ken Lockwood Gorge... for the first time in some 40+ years I purchased a Jersey license this year--- now nonresident--- and may have to wander back to the SBR; just don't want to ruin many fond memories... :? a couple Jersey buds of mine fished the SBR yesterday, and did well... that said, sweet memories for sure ;)


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Re: Hendricksons- Video

Post by Bamboo&Brookies »

That is quality footage...thank you for posting!

Looks like a fantastic stream with some abundant hatches. And beefy fish. Some dramatic colors on those bows. They look like holdovers, unless the state is putting brood stock in there.

And it's all in Jersey. Who knew?

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Re: Hendricksons- Video

Post by Darwin »

I can watch Tim's videos all day long, and frequently do :)

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