October 11/12 report

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October 11/12 report

Post by catskilljohn »

Been a while since I have made the trip to Sullivan county, three weeks I believe. Lots has changed since the last trip except the lack of rain, that is alarmingly the same. There were a few sprinkles Friday night and Saturday morning, but nothing to even completely wet the rocks on the bleached and widening stream banks.

It was the weekend I close the house down. Lots of drains to open, traps to fill with antifreeze, sheets and linens to pack up and bring back. Because of that and the low water it kept me off the streams for extended periods of time, and I just hit a couple favorite spots. The water is clear, very cold and carrying lots of fallen leaves, but the views are magnificent. I thought I may have missed peak conditions for fall foliage viewing, but it looked pretty good to me!

Drifted an October caddis nymph for a while, nothing doing at the first stop and then on my way back from lunch I stopped at my pet stream and with slight gusts of wind, the leaves falling on the water and the trout Gods smiling down on me, I hooked my only trout of the day, a healthy rainbow of around 11". I remember last year ending the season much the same way, very cold low water, and a brown of about the same size. I didn't change flies, try anything fancy or pound the water, just fished and enjoyed the Catskill fall afternoon.


The weather is certainly on it's way toward wintertime, with a 6:30 am temp of 30* this morning and frost on the leaves, grass and covering the roof and deck furniture. I had my wading boots on the deck railing to drip dry and the laces were frozen.

From the deck looking at the lake...

For me trout season is over. Another year of learning, enjoying the Catskills and wandering the streams and mountains, its both sad and relieving. CJ
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Re: October 11/12 report

Post by Bamboo&Brookies »

Wonderful post as always, CJ.

Love the fog-enshrouded mountain photo.

And the 'bow is a great way to end the season.

It is bittersweet, for sure.

I have a feeling that's going to be it for my fishing season as well.

Have pretty much traded out the flyrod for the 20 gauge, in pursuit of grouse, woodcock and ringnecks.

Thanks for all your great trip reports throughout the season!

It''s almost time to get down to some serious tying!

-Rob J.
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Re: October 11/12 report

Post by Eperous »

catskilljohn wrote: ... It was the weekend I close the house down. Lots of drains to open, traps to fill with antifreeze, sheets and linens to pack up and bring back. ... For me trout season is over.
I remember those sad weekends of closing down our Adirondack camp when we own one... just about the exact opposite feelings--- at least for me--- as when we first opened it in the spring... maybe just somehow you might find your way back once or twice before spring minus linens and running water? But as for "for me trout season is over", that's very sad....

Nice photos as always... will be missed in the weeks to come...


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Re: October 11/12 report

Post by quadfish »

Great post CJ! You captured the passion, joy and thoughtful nature of a season of trout fishing perfectly!!

I will probably putz around the local streams a little bit, but my time in the Catskills is likely done for the season too....

And it's tyin' time again....... :D

See y'all next month at the shows, Rick
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Re: October 11/12 report

Post by tie2fish »

Nice, cj. You had a really busy weekend considering the time you spent in Roscoe in addition to all this. It was great meeting and spending a little time with you.

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Re: October 11/12 report

Post by flymank »

Nice post cj.I'm heading up this weekend to close up my rv for the season as well.going to the guild meeting on sat. and hope to do a little fishing while I'm in town :D :D

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