the klink

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the klink

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Just came back from fishing with some recent observations.The mayflies have been starting to hatch and the trout have their hungry mouths open.Iwas wondering if any of you have had the same experiences as me.I started with a pheasant tail but noticed they were taking dries.I put on a klinkhammer and they readily took the fly but I couldn't get the fish to the net.This happened three times in a row and the last one was one I would have liked to take a good look at.The klink has a unique hook of sorts,and was wondering if any of you have had similar experiences with that type of hook.These were good hookups as I had these fish on for awile each of them but just couldn't finish the deal. Stan

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Re: the klink

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Which hook are you using? I haven't had any issues with the Daiichi 1167, but the Patridge 15BN has been problematic.

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Re: the klink

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well, I can't say I have had that same problem and I fish Klink hooks quite often. I will say however that there are several different brands and styles of Klinkhammer hooks. I will try and find a short comparison piece I have seen on the interweb where Hans Van Klinken talks about the hook design and if my memory serves, the Daiichi Klink hook (1167) was designed by Hans and is (by coincidence) the hook that I tie all of mine on. Here are a couple patterns that have been working well lately



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Re: the klink

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BrownBear wrote: ... Which hook are you using? ...
Good question... I've fished this pattern quite a bit over the last 15+ years or so, no issues I can recall...

FYI: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=574&hilit=klinkhamer


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Re: the klink

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Strange. Never had that problem. I fish Klinks much of the time usually onthe original Partridge hooks. Are they gaining slack? Maybe rod position?
You using barbless or pinched down barbs? Weak hook? Does hook straighten a bit, bad batch? Maybe smaller hooks with barely lip hook-up.
Just tossing stuff out. When I lose one like that it is like Pogo the possum says, I have met the enemy and he is me. :)

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Re: the klink

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you can also take a longer shank hook with a ring eye and bend the front portion slightly or bend the point/barb out like a kirbed hook. that's what we did years ago to change the hook....

the hook does NOT have to be labeled a "klink" to tye the pattern correctly.

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